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Bishop Clarence Parks is and has been a true and faithful servant of God, particularly for the residence of Northeast Mississippi. Recognized as a leader in the community, his benevolence has touched many lives. Bishop Parks serves on several boards such as Mission Mississippi, the Multi-Racial Board, the Community Development Foundation and many more. His future plans include the completion of the City of Compassion, which will include a sanctuary that will seat at least 1,500 people, a banquet facility, an administration building, a family resource center and a day care facility. This state of the art church will continue to insure that the Gospel is spread across the country and throughout the earth.  However, although he possesses great plans for today and tomorrow, Bishop Parks has evolved out of a humble beginning.

Clarence Lee Parks was born in Monroe County, Mississippi, on September 3, 1953. He is the sixth child born to the late Mack and Eugenia Parks. He is married to Mary J. Howell Parks, the daughter of Bishop G.T. Howell of Amory, Mississippi. He is the father of seven children, Clarence Van Dexter Parks, Chranekee Parks-Rogers, Londa Parks, Maricus Parks, George Parks, Joshua Parks, and Jonathan Parks.

Bishop Parks attended school in Belden and Tupelo.  He is a graduate of South High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additionally, he furthered his education at the Blue Mountain Bible College, with his primary focus in Religious Studies. His work history includes being employed at the Mid South Packers for 12 Years, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company for 5 Years, Marshall Durbin for 5 years and Day Brite Lighting for 3 years. Although productive in the secular workforce, God had a much greater work for Clarence Parks as a dedicated servant and employee within the Kingdom of God.

As a young man his quest for his life's purpose led him in the direction of his Grandmother's prophetic decree that God has anointed him to be a preacher.  Eventually he walked into his destiny by choosing a lifestyle that represented one who walks with God. He humbled himself, submitted to the will of God and received the filling of the Holy Spirit. In August of 1974, he accepted his call into the ministry of Jesus Christ.  A month later in September of 1974, he preached his first sermon. From November of 1986 through March of 1987 Clarence Parks was called to be an interim pastor at Piney Grove Baptist Church. However, the Lord has an even greater work set before him. In April of 1988, he founded Temple of Compassion and Deliverance Church where he still serves a Pastor. A few years later, God elevated him to the office of Elder and he assumed the title of Elder Clarence L. Parks.

While serving as an Elder of the Church, he once again heard the voice of God directing him to begin establishing several outreach ministries. Christians on the Move to Evangelize, (C.O.M.E.) was formed and subsequently has been responsible for the feeding of more than 3,000 people every year during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Elder Parks also devoted much of his time and energy to work with the Missing Children's Foundation, became a member of the Promise Keepers and several other community-based organizations.

His concern for the community did not end there and as the Lord continued to elevate him he began to minister in several countries worldwide. In 1995 the Board of Bishops of the Grand Ole Church of the Living God made Elder Parks the National Vice President of the Evangelist Ministry where he served under the leadership of the Elder Kelvin Ransey. As God's elevation of him continued, Elder Parks received permission to come out of the Mississippi Diocese and establish Outstretched Hands Diocese under the banner of the Church of the Living God in 1998.

His love for the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ resulted in him being found worthy of being consecrated as Bishop Clarence L. Parks of the Outstretched Hands Diocese in 2000. Bishop Parks is a world renowned speaker and a trailblazer in his own right. He has hosted several conferences such as the National Outstretched Hands Conference and also founded the UNIFEST Conference which was birthed in 2007. During the UNIFEST conference thousands of people attended bringing the body of Christ together in love and unity.

In September 10, 2008, God called Bishop Parks to again move into another dimension of ministry to fulfill God's work. Therefore, it was God's will that Bishop Parks form an independent organization. In submitting to the will of God, Bishop Parks launched an International Ministry now known as Outstretched Hands International Ministries of Christ (O.S.H.I.M.O.C). Bishop Parks oversees churches in Alabama, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Mississippi.

Bishop Parks is the C.E.O. of Kingdom Broadcasting Network (KBN) 95.1 FM radio station.

The scripture says, " Iron sharpens iron and a good man sharpens the countenance of his friends." Without question our community has been enlightened and strengthened by the presence of Bishop Clarence Lee Parks and we celebrate his faithful work unto God and legacy.

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